Definisi dan Perbedaan Stative & Action Verb Serta Contohnya

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Definisi dan Perbedaan Stative & Action Verb Serta Contohnya – Semua kata kerja dalam bahasa Inggris, baik stative maupun action verb. Action verb mendeskripsikan aksi yang kita lakukan, dalam hal ini aksi yang dimaksud adalah kegiatan yang membutuhkan pergerakan. Sementara stative verb yang mengacu pada hal yang bersifat abstrak dan mendeskripsikan keadaan/kondisi. Perbedaan yang paling penting antara stative dan action verb adalah, action verb bisa digunakan dalam bentuk progressive (continuous). Sementara stative verbs tidak dapat digunakan dalam bentuk progressive. Apabila suatu kegiatan berkaitan dengan proses, maka gunakan action verb, dan apabila suatu kegiatan berkaitan dengan deskripsi keadaan, perasaan, atau hal abstrak, maka gunakan stative verbs.

Stative Verbs

Berikut ini adalah contoh dari stative verb yang sering digunakan. Dengan memperhatikan contoh kalimat yang ada, Anda akan lebih mudah untuk memahami definisi dari stative verb.
Secara umum, stative verbs dibagi menjadi empat kelompok.

Menyatakan pikiran dan opini


I don’t know her name but I think she is smart and friendly.
Renata knows best how to make her parents happy.


Her husband could not recognize her since she turned into a gorgeous queen tonight.
A mother can recognize her children’s need.


Do not believe too soon because it is dangerous.
Santi believes that she has an imaginary friend.
If you do not believe in your mother, you will lose her.

Menyatakan kepemilikan


Danti has many books in her bedroom.
They have three children and live happily.


They own a big house and five cars. They come from rich family.
We own happiness and we feel that we are rich.


Those tables belong in the living room.
These pencils belong with the others.


I don’t possess a sophisticated machine to wash my clothes
It possesses unbelievable charm that attracts everyone.

Menunjukkan kegiatan yang dilakukan oleh panca indera


The pasta taste excellent. It is a secret recipe of the best Italian restaurant in the town.
Hewi cannot taste anything since her tongue was burnt last time.


Do you hear someone’s voice calling you? It’s me.
She hears the news about her friend’s achievement in an International competition.


It smells good. What is the brand of your perfume?
She cannot smell well since she got flu.


I see the stars sparkling and they are beautiful.
He saw a sick dog yesterday and he took it home.


I feel the love of my parents which is very sincere.
A little girl feels sad because she cannot eat chocolate.

Menunjukkan emosi


My mother loves dog. Even, she pets ten dogs at home.
My cat loves chicken. It eats chicken almost everyday.
They love their work therefore they enjoy it.
People love jazz music and some say that it is classy.
Andra and Harisha love to watch movie.


I do not want to hate him. But, he always annoys me.
If we hate something for no reason, we need to be careful.
She hates waiting for long time.
He hates the scent of flower.
We cannot hate what our boss likes.


We will need you to handle the event next month.
I need some books related to human resource development.
They do not need our help. Let’s go now.
Do not wait for them. We need the other team.
Tracy needs the ingredients to make black forest cake.


I like the way you stare at me.
Heni likes noodle very much.
Kiara and Fahmi like travelling a lot.
Vebby likes playing on the ground alone.
We do not like your attitude.

Action Verbs

Action verbs adalah kata kerja yang menunjukkan aksi dari orang atau benda. Aksi yang dimaksud berkaitan dengan pergerakan. Berikut ini adalah contoh action verbs yangs sering digunakan beserta kalimat untuk memahami dengan lebih jelas.


Tari and Jaja play badminton at school every Sunday.
They cannot play music instrument even though they can sing excellently.


They study French twice a week.
The children study to count.


My mother always cooks delicious food.
I don’t cook when I feel exhausted. I will buy food from the restaurant.


By joining this event, we can add new members in our organization.
Please add some salt into the meat ball.


He builds his own house without any help from another engineer.
Build the connection with the other colleagues if you want a successful path.


Firza and Ali communicate via mobile phone to plan the new project.
I communicate with my friends in AAustralia through Skype.


He checked his works before he submitted it to his teacher.
She checks her employee everyday.


The team discuss about the strategy to win the game.
The lecture discussed the course time with the students.