Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang Tentang Liburan

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Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris dengan anggota empat orang dan bertema liburan bisa Anda dapatkan disini. Terdapat berbagai jenis percakapan yang telah saya hadirkan di website ini, salah satunya adalah melalui artikel di bawah. Untuk Anda yang ingin mendapatkan contoh percakapan dengan tema liburan dan beranggotakan empat orang, silakan baca postingan berikut.


Adi : Hi Andy, this semester will be ended soon. Do you have a plan for holiday?


Dina : Yes Andy, how about you?


Andy : I don’t know, I haven’t prepared it yet.


Dina : Hmm, that’s a bad answer. If you don’t have any plan, you can go with my family. Beijing is our destiny this year.


Adi : Beijing? Are you sure? That’s a very nice city to visit. I have to say congratulation for you because my parents will only let me take a holiday in Indonesia.


Andy : Beijing is a great place but I believe that many places in Indonesia are as good as that city. Where will you visit Adi? Jogjakarta or what?


Adi : I prefer to choose a small place in Lampung because of the big wave for surf.


Dina : Is that Krui?


Adi : That’s right Dina. Only a few people who know that Krui has a big wave for surf and it must not be busy like Kuta in Bali.


Andy : It sounds good. Tell me more. I mean, how can we achieve there?


Dina : The place can be reached so easy. We just go there by car and I hear that the road has already good.


Adi : Off course it is quite easy as Dina said. The facilities is complete. You will easily find shop, and surf center. It also must not be hard to go there.


Andy : And the wave?


Adi : You can find much better in among the beaches of Indonesian.

Andy : I go with you. May I?


Adi : Off course. Prepare your surf board Andy!


Dina : Cool guys, hi that’s David!


Adi : Let me shout him. David! Dave! Come here!


David : Hi, I have checked my score in the room of Math teacher and the score is bad..


Andy : Don’t worry and do not say anything about Mathematics score here.


Adi : Yes, so do us. We got a bad luck in Math.


David : So, what we are going to discuss in here?


Dina : Holiday. I am going to go to Beijing while these two guys are going to Krui.


David : Krui? Lampung? I have so many family over there.


Adi : Really?


David : Yes, if you wanna stay in the Krui, I will call one of my cousins to let you live for a few days at their home.


Andy : Thanks David and why don’t you go with us?


David : Nope, I need to stay at home this holiday because my parents decide to renovate our house and I need to help them in monitoring it.


Adi : Oh, no problem.


Dina : The bell is ringing, let’s back to the class..


Andy, Adi, and David : Ok, let’s back!


Itulah sebuah percakapan singkat tentang liburan, semoga membantu Anda.


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