Contoh Pantun dalam Bahasa Inggris Terlengkap

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Contoh Pantun dalam Bahasa Inggris Terlengkap – Dalam bahasa Inggris, pantun digunakan untuk meningkatkan keterampilan dan kelancaran pronunciation dan memperkaya vocabulary untuk berkomunikasi dalam bahasa Inggris. Seperti hal nya pantun dalam bahasa Indonesia, pantun dalam bahasa Inggris juga menggunakan pola rima atau rhyme. Rima ini dibuat berdasarkan bunyi dari kata yang dipilih. Pola rima nya bisa bervariasi sesuai dengan yang dikehendaki penulis. Dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, kita akan sering menemukan bait-bait pantun bahasa Inggris dalam lirik lagu. Cara membaca pantun dalam bahasa Inggris adalah dengan memperhatikan tanda baca dalam tiap baris nya. Apabila baris tersebut diakhiri dengan tanda koma, maka intonasinya naik. Apabila baris dalam pantun diakhiri dengan tanda titik, maka intonasinya turun.

Contoh 1

A confused bird on the tree,
Seek a meaning of being free.
A dove flies above the sea,
Go through the cloud and lee.

A baby learns to walk,
An old man lies on bed.
A woman writes with chalk,
She tells the beauty of Wed.

Summer styles so strong,
Winter comes so cold.
Spring leaves so long,
Autumn turns so old.

Contoh 2

Romantic jasmine in the vase,
I am crazy to step on the phase.
Clearly I see that is your face,
Turn me bright on my place.

You make me drown there,
You challenge if I dare.
You take me out of nowhere,
I take all of you and swear.

Welcome you in my life,
Live at my heart forever.
Oh dear my beautiful wife,
This is me your only lover.

Contoh 3

Look at that cute dog,
Everyday it plays with frog.
Look at that tiny ant,
Everyday it plays with elephant.

A monkey wears a glove,
A tiger stands on a stove.
A cat sings out of loud,
A rabbit jumps catching the cloud.

We learn new things about animal,
Keep them in your mind and smile.
Sing the song and laugh together,
Let us be happy and happier.

Contoh 4

We fly high to the sky,
Watching a billion of stars.
We hide we feel shy,
We could have those scars.

That is the beauty of the world,
Which can’t be expressed by word.
That is the beauty of God’s hands,
Create everything in His plans.

Name it as the greatest power,
Always be the life-saver forever.
Teach us how to feel grateful,
This is a life, so much wonderful.

Contoh 5

Where is the fairness on earth,
Where is the honesty on earth.
They say lie as something ethical,
They say hate as something daily.

You can never stand on other’s shoes,
If you never open your brain.
You can never understand other’s shoes,
If you never open your heart.

People talk about world’s peace,
But they cannot hide to piss.
People act and care each other,
But they cannot hide their true self.

Contoh 6

A little effort has its return,
A little complaint has its return.
Human’s emotion is complex,
But all can be solved when we relax.

Be happy and no worry,
Stay positive and avoid negative.
Healthy mind to healthy body,
We decide who we are in this life.