Contoh Curahan Hati dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Setelah kita membaca beragam diary bahasa Inggris, saya akan memberikan curahan hati dari seseorang yang cukup menyentuh. Curahan hati memang sering kita hadirkan di dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, baik itu melalui perkataan atau melalui tulisan. Curahan hati mirip dengan diary, dimana seseorang mengungkapkan perasaan yang ada di dalam hatinya. 
Setelah selesai menuangkap curahan hati, biasanya seseorang akan mendapatkan kelegaan dan membuat pikirannya lebih tenang. Ia juga lebih optimis dalam menghadapi banyak persoalan di kemudian hari. Fungsi dari curahan hati, memang membuat seseorang untuk terhindar dari stres yang mungkin terjadi secara berkepanjangan.
Jika Anda ingin melihat bagaimana curahan hati dalam bahasa Inggris ditulis, silakan lihat artikel berikut ini dan temukan contoh curahan hati terbaru. 

Everything is gonna have a pair

Dear Diary,
Try to imagine a shoe factory that employs thousands of people with various professions and tasks are varied until the animal tanner for raw materials and the butchers who slaughter. But it does not stop there; the result is then passed from one place to another by a process involving thousands of people again; than porters, truck drivers, pilots the ship even Mr. Plane with his crew, and finally reached the hands traders. Well, of course you can guess how it goes until it gets to the hands, your leg is not it?
And did you ever think about the various troubles that happened to the people who do the process that I mentioned earlier? Maybe there are porters who are confused with the complaint that his wife pregnant again, or the tanner who was upset with the price of sugar to a cup of coffee into her regular sleepiness repellent every morning, or the shoe factory employees were frantically looking for ways to add fees his son, to the director of the factory confusion with the price of oil that makes it had to choose between firing employees or raising the price of his shoes.
Well, now you try to imagine the other stuff. Do not be too hard to imagine the kinds of computers or the latest and most expensive hand phone yours, but start with something simple like your shirt, your socks, your underwear or maybe. Then think about how all of it could be related to each other in this world, about the story of how likely a sock without shoes, or underwear without pants or other things related to each other. Of course if more imaginable, the patterns formed would resemble the pattern of a spider’s web. But not, perhaps worse than that, perhaps as a pattern fibers mixed variety of materials belonging to the Church of bird ‘s nest under the eaves of your home.
Semoga curahan hati dalam bahasa Inggris di atas bermanfaat untuk Anda.