Cerita Romeo dan Juliet dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Cerita Romeo dan Juliet dalam Bahasa Inggris – Romeo dan Juliet merupakan salah satu cerita yang begitu terkenal dan sudah dikisahkan kembali baik dalam film maupun teks cetak. Nah, kali ini saya akan kembali membagi cerita tersebut dalam bentuk artikel singkat. Semoga bermanfaat.

Romeo and Juliet

Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet lived in Verona, Italia. They had a daughter named Juliet. Because of her beauty, Count Paris, a businessman, wanted to marry Juliet. But, Juliet was only 13 years old. She was too young. Then, Lord Capulet asked him to postpone the wedding until Juliet was mature enough. Lady Copulet and the Nurse suggest that Juliet accept the proposal. Finally, Lord Capulet took a decision that he asked the Count Paris to marry Juliet next two or three years ahead. To convince Count Paris, Lord Capulet invited him to his family’s dance party

On the other hand, a son of Montague family was crazy about Rosaline, one of Lord Capulet’s nieces. Because of his great love for her, Romeo didn’t feel good. Because his best friends, Benvolio and Mercutio encouraged him, the he came to the dance party. Accidentally, Romeo met with Juliet. They fell in love.

One day, Romeo tiptoed to Juliet’s house. He heard that Juliet loved him even though her family hated his family. Romeo appeared in front of Juliet, and then they decided to get married. With help from Friar Laurence, they got married secretly. Tybalt, a cousin of Juliet who knew about their marriage, challenged Romeo to fight. However, Romeo refused it. Mercutio also felt irritated toward Tybalt’s attitude, and he fought with him for Romeo. That fight made Mercutio injured badly and dying. Romeo, who saw that tragedy, killed Tybalt. The tragedy made Verona Prince gave a punishment by shooing Romeo from the city. But, silently Romeo came to Juliet’s room and spent the night together.

Over Juliet’s sadness, Lord Capulet agreed to accept Paris’ proposal and asked Juliet to get married with Paris. He threatened her that he would not acknowledge her as his daughter if she did not want to get married with Paris. Juliet asked to postpone the wedding, but her mother refused it. Juliet came to Friar Laurence for asking help and he offered a kind of drug which could make her as if she had been dead for 42 hours. Friar promised to send a message about this plan to Romeo so that she could meet Juliet when she woke up. At night before the wedding, Juliet drank the drug and lied on her family’s grave after they found her “dead”.

However, Romeo did not receive the message. He heard from Balthasar’s maid that Juliet was dead. Romeo felt so much sad and he bought a poison from The Apothecary, then he went Julia’s place. He met Paris and Paris wanted to hit him. But, Romeo was successful to kill Paris. Romeo thought that Juliet was dead, then he drank the poison near Juliet. After that, Juliet woke up and saw that Romeo was dead. Juliet was shocked. She took a knife near Romeo and killed herself.

After Capulet and Montague families heard the love story of their children, they decided to stop any hatred and fight among them. Their love story ended tragically when their family started to open their eyes about their love.