Cerita Bahasa Inggris Menarik Tentang Pengalaman Pribadi

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Cara mudah belajar bahasa Inggris – Membuat cerita bahasa Inggris misalnya tentang pengalaman pribadi atau orang lain tentu saja bisa meningkatkan kemampuan menulis yang Anda miliki. Juga, dengan bercerita Anda mampu membuat sebuah visualisasi cerita tersebut yang kemudian dituangkan ke dalam sebuah bahasa. Tentu saja, ini merupakan sebuah hal yang membuat pikiran menjadi tajam serta cerdas.


Di bawah ini, ada sebuah cerita bahasa Inggris mengenai pengalaman seseorang ketika mendaftar di sebuah Universitas. Saat ia bingung dan belum mengetahui apapun mengenai Universitas tersebut, ada beberapa orang yang membantunya. Silakan simak cerita bahasa Inggris menarik ini.


My New Campus


Going to the new campus that we don’t know anything about it makes us so confuse. We have to be accompanied by a friend to ensure that we will get the right information about everything that we need and to be more creative by asking someone who knows the information of the campus. It happened to me when I was a new student of University. Fortunately, there are three people who helped me in solving my problem when I came to Lampung University as a new student.


At the first time going to Lampung University, I called Baskoro, my cousin who studied at the department of Chemistry to help me in registration as the requirement of a new student in Lampung University and he wanted to help me to do it. We met at the Rajabasa bus station and we use angkot to go to Unila. Walking to Rectorate building, he informed me about the name of many buildings. He told the location and the function ofRectorate building,Language center, Science faculty, and Teacher training faculty. He also explained me that a college student had to join the organization to find many friends and to ease in finding job. He told that the University is different from Senior High School, so I have to be more creative to find the information that useful for me.He continued that there is no a teacher again that gave me the things that I need. A few minutes later, we had arrived in Rectorate building where the registration was held. He asked me to submit the photos and my Senior High School certificate to the officer. After that, we got the form that we had to fill and he helped me to fill it. Afterwards, he accompanied me to submit the form to PKM building to get the paper that contained the sum of the money that I had to pay. After gotten it, he told me that I have to pay in the BNI bank. We walked to the bank and he showed me the waiting line of the new student.20 minutes later, I had finished and he offered me to go to the canteen for having a lunch. We got lunch in the canteen behind Alwasi’i mosque. While lunch, I asked about his activities in UNILA besides studying and he explained to me that he ever joined to MAPALA. He had gone to java to climb Semeru mountain. Since 2008, he had been out from it and joined Parkour, the sport coming from France. After having lunch, I realized that my money ran out. Fortunately, he knew that I had no money again and he said to me that he would pay my bill. I also remembered that I had no money to go home and I asked to him whether he had more money to lend me. He gave me the money to pay an angkot and he said that it should not be returned back.

A week after the registration, a new student should join a student orientation or Propti which was held in three days. At the first day, I went to campus by a motorcycle at 6.30 o’clock. I rode my motorcycle fast because I could be late. When I passed Jl Z.A Pagar Alam, my motorcycle broke down and when I checked it, I could not fix it. Fortunately, Vera, my senior in the senior high school saw me. Knowing my problem, she permitted me to put my motorcycle in her house because it was not far from that place. Later on, she offered me to get into her car and we went to the campus together. A few minutes later, we arrived in the campus and it was 7.30 o’clock. I had been late for 30 minutes, in the regulation of the student orientation that we couldn’t be late for more that 15 minutes. She convinced me that there was no problem for it, because she was one of the committee of the student orientation. In GSG, I couldn’t join with the other students because I had been late for more than 15 minutes. Afterwards, she came to the committee which one of her friends to explain why I was late. For the first time, the other committees did not give permission for me to join because there was no reason to be late. Furthermore, Vera convinced more about it. The other committees discussed about my problem and they concluded that I could follow the student orientation. I had one warning that if next time I were late, I would not be permitted to join in the student registration. Vera asked me to wear my alma mater jacket and my hat, but I couldn’t found my alma mater jacket in my bag. I remembered that I putted my jacket into my motorcycle baggage and I forgot to bring it. I asked to her whether the participant could follow the student orientation without wearing alma mater jacket. She said to me that it couldn’t and I told her that I forgot to bring it. She suggested that I had to ask my friends whether they had another alma mater jacket while she would find it for me. I called many friends and asked to borrow it, but all of theirs were being worn. When I was confusing about this problem, she came to me with an alma mater jacket and she told me that she got it from her friend. I really thanked to her about it and I joined with the other participants in GSG.


After the student orientation was held, we as new students started to face the campus live. Many students were confused about the studying regulation about this campus. Two days after the student orientation, all of new students were gathered by English Department seniors in f2 building. They explained that as a new student, we had to prepare following the brotherhood agenda. That agenda purposed to make the relation between the new students and the seniors closer, so we could know the characters and the names of the seniors. Furthermore, we were hoped to be friends with our seniors. The first thing that we had to do to prepare it was to make the group contained ten people and each group had a task to make a paper with the educational theme. It had to submit in two days later. I discussed to my friends about that paper and how we would make it, but they gave many various ideas. Then we decided that we would discuss it tomorrow. After going home, I remembered that may be my cousin, Gita Intan Putri, who is a student of English Department class of 2006, had that paper. When I called her she answered that she had the paper with the same criteria that my senior asked and she allowed me to copy it. After that, I went to her house and copied it. She suggested me that if the paper was not appropriate with the seniors want, I could find it in internet. I discussed with her about the content of the paper and asked her about the things that I should add. She gave me many points that should add, like a table of content and bibliography. Besides that, I asked her about the books that we needed in the first semester and she explained that it would be given by lecturer and usually we should copy it or we found it by ourselves. But, she offered me whether I wanted to borrow her books or not, because the price of it in the bookstore was costly. Of course, I received her offer and she borrowed me the pronunciation, the structure, the reading, and the TOEFL book. She also gave me the trick how to get the good score in English department. At first we had to come to class every day, because it would be influence our final score. Besides that, we have to be smart to create the relation with the lecturer, because some lecturers would give a good score if we closed with them. Furthermore, we have to be friends with our senior, because we could get many solutions from them in facing the problems of our study. I was so thankful for her help to make me more confidence and more being informed because of the trick.


These people, Baskoro, Vera, and Gita were really helpful in my first campus life. They gave me the solutions when I was facing the problem because of the new campus. Baskoro helped me when I had to register as the requirement of the new student. Besides that, Vera, helped me when I had to join the student orientation and Gita helped me to fix my problem when the first time I studied in Lampung University. I will never forget about what they have done to me.


Itu adalah sebuah cerita bahasa Inggris berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi seorang mahasiswa baru. Semoga membantu dan menginspirasi Anda.


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