3 Dialog Percakapan Meminta Maaf dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Di bawah ini, terdapat 3 percakapan dengan tema meminta maaf. Kata-kata yang saya cetak tebal di dalam kalimat percakapan merupakan ekspresi dalam meminta maaf. Selamat membaca dan semoga bermanfaat bagi Anda. 🙂

Percakapan Pertama

Handi: Hello, Handi’s here.

Resty: Hello, I am Resty. Handi, I am really sorry about yesterday. I should not call you because you were with your girlfriend. I didn’t mean to make misunderstanding like that. Please accept my apologize..

Handi: Hello, Resty. It does not really matter. Actually, that’s my fault because I do not tell my girlfriend that you are my close friend.

Resty: Ya. I also surprised that your girlfriend was angry with me because we have been friend since a long time.

Handi: Yes, it’s all my fault. But Resty, could you help me please?

Resty: What can I do for you?

Handi: I need your help to talk to my girlfriend. I mean, you just tell the truth that we are only friends and do not have any other relationship as she think.

Resty: Sure, I will do it soon.

Handi: Ok, thank you so much.

Resty: You’re welcome Handi.

Percakapan Kedua

Mr Tom: Hello, I am Tom.

Mr Smith: I am Smith.

Mr Tom: Mr. Smith, I am from Stadiuminent Enterprise. We do apologize for all the mistakes that our employees have done to the project last week. I have told them to work cooperatively, and be careful with any single transaction between your company and mine.

Mr Smith: Oh, never mind. I can accept that. But, you have to be more professional and promise that this kind of mistake will not happen anymore.

Mr Tom: Thank you Mr. Smith. I ensure that the mistake will not appear anymore, because I have fired all my employees that caused the problems.

Mr Smith: Yes. I am sorry to say that if you do not fix this problem soon, our work collaboration will be ended up. But, you have done perfectly. I appreciate that.

Mr Tom: Thank you Mr. Smith.

Mr Smith: You’re welcome.

Percakapan Ketiga

Ana: Hi Jones, how are you?

Jones: I am good. Ana, I deeply regret because I lose your English book.

Ana: Really?

Jones: Yes Ana, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.

Ana: Jones, I do now that you didn’t mean to do it. But that’s the only one that I have and in that book, there are so many important notes.

Jones: I know that. Once again, I do apologize to you because off all my fault. I will get the same book for you while I also try to find it out soon.