41 Contoh Kalimat Majemuk di Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Kalimat Majemuk (Compound Sentence) dalam Bahasa Inggris – Apa pengertian kalimat majemuk atau compund sentence? Anda bisa baca di salah satu artikel saya. Klik disini.

Bagaimana? Sudah Anda baca? Kalau sudah, silakan lihat berbagai jenis contoh compound sentence berikut ini. 🙂

Menggunakan kata penghubung “and”

1. Toni enjoys listening to rock music and he has many rock cassetes.
2. My father refuses to go out at night and I feel a bit dissapointed.
3. Rana keeps her bedroom clean and she makes her bedroom comfortable.
4. Wijaya lent his new car to his brother and his brother looked very happy.
5. I like listening to the music and my sister likes singing.
6. Aya got a surprise form her friends on her birthday and she felt glad.
7. My friends gather at my home and they make a noisy with their laugh.
8. My siter tried to make a cake and she succeded at the first time.
9. I go to the bookstore and I buy some novels.
10. Andrea often treats her face at a beauty care and her face looks clean and bright.
11. Most students plan to go to Bali and they want to enjoy the beautiful view there.

Menggunakan kata penghubung “but” atau “yet”

1. My mother watches TV in the evening but there is no good program to watch.
2. Arwin enjoys writing letters to friends yet he can’t write a romantic letter to his girlfriend.
3. Mary always keeps her bedroom tidy but sometimes her little brother messes it up.
4. Tasya wants to buy that beautiful dress yet her money is not enough.
5. It’s raining otside but we still walk outside home.
6. Adi loves Tiara, yet he can’t say his feeling to her.
7. I tried to make a brownies but I forgot the recipe.
8. We have a final exam today but most of the students don’t study.
9. Bowo looked bored with history subject but he tried to follow the subject.
10. My aunt bought me a box of chocolate but I have an allergic with chocolate.

Menggunakan kata penghubung “or”

1. I must wash the baby or the baby might cry.
2. My brother should study hard or he could not pass the exam.
3. Hessa must do his homework or he will get a punishment.
4. Jemmy should repaint the house or his wife will be angry.
5. You must revise your paper or you will get “D”.
6. Jane must submit her task on time or she can’t follow the final exam.
7. We should motivate her or she will feel down.
8. You must have a breakfast or you will get hungry.
9. You must be a nice person or everyone will dislike you.
10. Molly had better clean this mess or her mother will get angry.

Menggunakan kata penghubung “so”

1. It is Sunday tomorrow so you don’t need to come to school.
2. It is my birthday today so I will invite my friends to come to my birthday party.
3. Debby has fallen sick today so she is absent today.
4. Mia always wakes up early every morning so she never comes late to campus.
5. I feel tired today so I will take a rest.
6. Kimy always studies hard so she gets better mark.
7. I stay awake at night so I wake up late in the morning.
8. I miss my old friend so I call her.
9. Bonny forgot to do his homework so his teacher asked him to do his homework in front of the class,
10. My mother went to Jakarta so I had to cook by myself.

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