2 Contoh Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 6 Orang Siswa di Sekolah

2 Contoh Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 6 Orang Siswa di Sekolah – Dengan contoh percakapan berikut ini, tentu Anda bisa mendapatkan referensi untuk tugas-tugas sekolah. Semoga bermanfaat. 🙂

Micky : What have we got for the last class this afternoon?
Dharma: It’s an English subject. Have you done the homework?
Micky : Oh, we have the homework. I forget that. What’s about?
Andina: Procedure text – how to make something. I just did the homework this morning.
Satria : Can you help us doing the homework now, Andina?
Andina: I think you can ask Mega to do your homework.
Micky : Hey Mega, have you done an English homework? I forget it.
Mega : Yes, I have. Do you guys, find any difficulties?
Satria : Hhmm.. how can I get the text?
Dharma : Have you ever cooked something?
Micky : I never try cooking, but I think I know how to make fried banana.
Mega : It’s okay. You can write the ingredients and the steps of making fried banana. That’s the example of procedure text.
Micky and Satria : Okay, we got it.
Dharma : I write how to make a photo frame. Does it belong to procedure text?
Mega : Yes, as long as there are steps of how to make something, or how to do something, it belongs to procedure text.
Micky : Hey Gina, what did you write for procedure text?
Gina : I wrote how to make fried rice.
Micky : Oh, we have the same theme, writing about how to cook something.
Satria : How about you, Mega? What did you do for the homework?
Mega : I wrote how to play marbles.
Micky : Oh, I see. That’s included into procedure text because it tells about the steps of how to do something.
Mega : That’s right.
Dharma : Hey Micky, It’s better to do your homework now before Ms.Nia coming.
Gina: Yeah, hurry up, Micky!
Micky : Okay.

After school
Micky : Finally, a long day at school is over.
Gina : Yeah, and both of you did your homework at the last minute.
Satria : I think I don’t want to do that anymore.
Dharma : To do what? You forgot doing homework once a week at least.
Micky & Satria : Haha. What should we do then?
Mega : I think you should write a note about your homework.
Micky : I sometimes do that, but still, I forget.
Dharma : How about write a reminder on your phone.
Satria : That’s a good idea.
Dharma: By the way, what are you going to do after school?
Gina : I am going to take piano class at three p.m.
Mega : I just want to go home. Very tired today.
Dharma : Oh, actually I want to go to the new bookstore.
Gina : Oh, it’s near my home. I never go there.
Dharma : Yeah, who want accompany me?
Micky : I am free after school.
Satria : Okay, I want to see if there’s something good to buy.
Dharma : Okay.
Gina : I want to go there, but I have piano class. Maybe next time.
Mega : Sorry, I can’t join, too. But would you mind to see if there’s a new volume of Conan release?
Dharma : Okay, I will. Let’s go now, Micky, Satria.
Micky & Satria : Yups, good bye, all.

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