2 Contoh Latar Belakang Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

2 Contoh Latar Belakang Skripsi Bahasa Inggris Terbaru – Bingung cari referensi mengenai latar belakang masalah di skripsi bahasa Inggris? Anda bisa baca kedua contoh berikut ini. 🙂

Background of The Problems

The purpose of teaching English language at school is to develop the students’ language skills. There are four major skills that should be mastered by students in learning English, namely listening, speaking, reading, and writing. One of the skills that cannot be neglected is reading skill because the success of their study depends on the greater part of their ability to read. Therefore, reading is essential not only to get the information but also to comprehend the text. There are several texts that are commonly used in teaching reading namely, descriptive text, report text, recount text, and narrative text.

In the Guideline of School-Based (Depdiknas, 2006), it is stated that one of the objectives of teaching reading skill for the first grade SMA is enabling the students to get the main ideas, to answer the questions based on the text, to find supporting ideas and details. In other words, reading skill should be paid more attention to achieve the level.

As stated in English Curriculum for SMA/MA students, along with the higher level of difficulty on any text in the levels of education, students must be able to follow these developments of texts and improve their reading skills. However, the fact showed that the students were not able to adapt to the level of text difficulty which is more complex over the time.

Based on the researcher’s pre observation at the first grade of SMAN 5 Bandar Lampung, in general, the students had difficulty in comprehending and getting information from the text. Most of the students thought that learning English was difficult. Besides that, they still got difficulties to determine main idea, and answer questions based on the text. As the result, their reading achievement was below the expectation. To overcome this situation the teacher should generate students’ interest by applying the various techniques and selecting the proper text. By using the technique in teaching, the teacher can help the students think critically and develop their ideas. More importantly, the students can comprehend the idea easier and reach optimal results in reading.

The second problem is students’ lack of vocabulary in reading text. Usually the English textbook was difficult for them and they could not understand the meaning of the text without knowing the meaning. Teachers should recognize this condition and then give a solution by selecting appropriate technique. Some students actually had a strong to memorize, and they succeed to remember the vocabulary. However, vocabulary can be developed by reading more often.

Referring to the explanation above, a teacher should be more creative and find out the appropriate technique to those problems in teaching reading that can improve students’ reading achievement. There are many techniques can be implemented in the class, one of them is self-questioning strategy. This technique can help students understand more about what they read, stimulate the students to be engaged with the text and let them become independent readers.

In this technique, the researcher gave the text and the questions in order to build in the background knowledge. This phase is intended to build an understanding and to provide an overall text meaning especially in asking the question would be conducted at the beginning, during, and the end when students are reading a text.

Considering to the statement concerning self-questioning above, this study also investigated the students’ response toward the use of self-questioning strategy in reading comprehension. The questionnaire was administered as the instruments in order to gather the information from students about their responses and it was given in the last meeting after the students finished their post test. The response showed that most of the students has given positive impact on their learning, especially in identfying supporting details. Most of them agree that the reading activities were interested and enthuastic in the class of reading.

Students explained that there were several reasons that made them agree to the statement. The reason is that the students felt happy having new experience in learning English since the previous teachers have never had this kind of activity. By using this technique, students can understand more of what they read, that is because every they make a question, it can help them to promote their critical thinking about what they read and by asking questions.

Based on the statements above, the researcher focus her research by using self-questioning for the solution in improving students’ reading achievement. Therefore, the researcher expected that self-questioning could overcome the difficulty in reading comprehension. To prove the teaching technique, SMAN 5 Bandar Lampung was chosen as the object of her research.

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