Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 5 Orang di Sekolah Tentang Hobby

Percakapan bahasa Inggris 5 orang di sekolah tentang hobby berikut ini, semoga bisa memberikan solusi kepada Anda. Selamat membaca.
Daniel : Hi Fiqi, how are your today?
Fiqi : I am good. Daniel, look at Syifa. She looks bad this morning.
Daniel : Hi Syifa, what’s wrong with you?
Syifa : All of you have already known that I like writing a story. Every day, I usually spend more than four hours to write a story, but my mom did not permit me anymore.
Fiqi : Why did it happen to you?
Syifa : The semester examination will come soon. So, my mother encourages me to study hard and leaves my hobby for a while.
Andika : The same thing also happens to me.
Daniel : Does your mother forbid you too?
Andika : Yes, I like playing online games and every day, I always play games for about 5 until 6 hours. Now, there is no more time to do that. I need to change my hobby from playing games to studying mathematics.
Fiqi : Poor you are, dudes. Do your hobby normally.
Daniel : What do you mean, Fiqi?
Fiqi : Everyone in this class know that I really like football. I like playing football, watching football match on TV, and playing football games by using play station. But my mother never forbids me for doing my hobby even it closes to final examination.
Syifa : What’s your secret?
Andika : Yes, tell us. Your method in managing hobby will be good for us to try.
Fiqi : I am not an addicted kid. I spend my time for hobby only about two hours a day. If I have played football in a day, I would not spend time anymore for watching football match or playing football games. I limit my time for only two hours for my hobby.
Daniel : Yaph, I got it. Actually I like reading a novel and always read my novels almost for every hour in my day. When I listen to your method, it’s good for me to reduce my time. I am going to read a novel in the night, maybe for only one until two hours.
Syifa : So, your secret is reducing time when doing hobbies. By limiting period, our parents will not see that the hobby as a disturbance for us.
Andika : That’s good Fiqi, good job. You have given us a solution.
Miss Dina : Good morning my students.
All students : Good morning miss..
Miss Dina : I see that your conversation seems so interactive. May I know what it is?
Andika : We just talked about hobby miss. Three of us including me did not permit by our mother to do our hobby. It because we always spend so many times and there is no more to study for final examination.
Miss Dina : Hmm, I see, and then?
Syifa : Fiqi gave me the solution. He advised me to limit the time for only one or two hours a day.
Miss Dina : Is that right Fiqi?
Fiqi : Yes miss.
Miss Dina : Yes it’s good for you to divide your time for all of your activities. Gives the same portion and do not emphasize in only one activity. Daniel has done the best to you by using his advice. Manage your time well from now, and be discipline.
All students : Yes miss..
Miss Dina : Good. Let’s go to the class and start to study.
Semoga bermanfaat.

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