Mengenal WH Questions dan Berbagai Jenis Pertanyaannya

Setelah kita mengetahui apa itu yes or no questions, kini pembelajaran dilanjutkan ke WH questions. Mudahnya, WH questions sama dengan pertanyaan yang dimulai dengan apa, siapa, dimana, kapan, mengapa, dan bagaimana. WH questions merupakan kepanjangan dari What, When, Where, Who, Why, dan How.


  • Apa bahasa Anda?
  • Siapa ayah Anda?
  • Dimana Anda dilahirkan?
  • Kapan Anda lulus SD?
  • Mengapa Anda datang kemari?
  • Bagaimana Anda bisa sampai kesini?

Berikut adalah daftar WH questions beserta jenis pertanyaannya:


WH Jenis Pertanyaan Contoh
Who Siapa? Who is that? That’s Andy
Where Dimana? Where do you live? In Jakarta
Why Mengapa? Why do you help me? I think you need my help.
When Kapan? When will you go? Tomorrow
How Bagaimana? How do you go? By car
What Apa? What are you doing? I am shopping.
Which Yang mana? Which one is better? I don’t know.
Whose Siapa pemilik? Whose is this car? Andy
What time Pukul berapa? What time is it? It’s 7.00 AM.
How many Berapa banyak? How many people there? It’s about 20 people.
How much Berapa banyak? How much money did he has? It’s much more than yours.
How long Berapa lama? How long did you stay in my home? An hour.
How often Seberapa sering? How often do you go to the market? Twice a month.
How far Berapa jarak? How far is your home? It’s one mile far.
How old Berapa umur? How old is he? He is 16.

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