Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Kantor Antara Dua Orang Sahabat

Contoh Percakapan Bahasa Inggris di Kantor Antara Dua Orang Sahabat – Ada dua orang sahabat yang bekerja di kantor yang sama. Orang pertama bernama Henry sedangkan yang kedua bernama Arif. Orang kedua, Arif, sedang kehilangan gairah untuk bekerja. Apa sebabnya dan bagaimana solusinya? Silakan lihat disini.
Henry : Hi Arif, how are you today?
Arif : Bad, because there will be so many works that must be done today.
Henry : Where is your energy dude? Just think simply and do your jobs one by one.
Arif : I don’t know. I slept very late last night.
Henry : That’s a big problem. Hmm, anyway how much jobs that must be finished?
Arif : Ten kinds of jobs.
Henry : It’s gonna be over work.
Arif : Off course and I will sleep late again tonight.
Henry : Hey look at me. I get overtime work in three days in a week, but I never complaint about it. I personally think that you do not enjoy your job, my friend..
Arif : Yeah I know that well. You are a strong worker. Really? I studied for accountancy and I work as an accountant. It must be correct, right?
Henry : Arif, do love playing online games?
Arif : Yes.
Henry : How’s your feeling?
Arif : When I play games even for ten hours a day, it does not make me bored. I keep enjoy it and always be challenged to defeat my enemies in the game.
Henry : How’s your feeling when working for two hours as an accountant?
Arif : If I can, I will be so angry for every hour in this office. I don’t know why does it happen to me; I was a cum laude student in my University and I took the job as same as my department.
Henry : Wait.. When you started your study in the university, accountancy was your choice or your parents’?
Arif : My parents and I followed them.
Henry : That’s the point. You followed your parents and when you became a cum laude student, it was not because you, but because you wanna get their pride. Was it right?
Arif : Yes. It was right. Actually I preferred to choose an engineering department. But my parents told me that being an engineer would not make me rich. So I buried that hope very deep.
Henry : Do you still have the hope to be a mechanic right now?
Arif : Off course. I love machine..
Henry : Do you have a skill to work as a mechanic?
Arif : Yes, it must be. I ever took a mechanical course for three months and until now, I often fix the cars to help my uncle.
Henry : Good.
Arif : So, what I have to do?
Henry : Quit from this office and work with your uncle as a mechanic. Don’t think about how much money that you will get. Think about your passion and happiness of your life. If you follow your passion, happiness will always be with you.
Arif : How about my parents?
Henry : Convince them. Tell them about your problems and make them permit you to quit from accountant and move to mechanic.
Arif : That sounds good my friend. It will be the biggest revolution in my life.
Henry : Good luck!


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