90 Contoh Soal Soal Bahasa Inggris Grammar

46. I open the door _____ go outside.
a. And
b. In
c. So
d. For
47. Don’t give _____ until you can pass all the exams.
a. Away
b. On
c. Up
d. So
48. Do you know _____  my mother will come tomorrow?
a. If
b. So
c. Too
d. Up
49. I feel hungry _____ I am tired.
a. So
b. To
c. If
d. Such
50. We must go _____ if they don’t come to my house today.
a. Such
b. Even
c. After
d. Since
51. Let’s _____ this bag out.
a. Bring
b. Bringing
c. Brought
d. To bring
52. What will I do _____ you? I will not win the game if you cannot be my partner.
a. With
b. Within
c. Without
d. Win
53. Are they ____ to spend the night in Paris?
a. Plan
b. To plan
c. Planned
d. Planning
53. How about ____?
a. He
b. His
c. Him
d. She
54. This ocean is _____ deep.
a. Very much
b. Very many
c. Really
d. Quiet
55. This book is _____ to reach by your hand.
a. Close enough
b. Very close
c. Enough close
d. Closer than
56. I am an ____ kid.
a. Active
b. Passive
c. Big
d. Tall
57. I speak ____ well.
a. Japan
b. Spain
c. Indonesia
d. English
58. I am ok ___ she is not.
a. But
b. For
c. Since
d. Until
59. You cannot neither eat salad ___ meat.
a. Or
b. Nor
c. As
d. Because
60. We will either come to your house ____ Atika’s house.
a. Or
b. Nor
c. As
d. Because
61. You have to stay here _____ I return here.
a. For
b. Because
c. Till
d. As
62. ___ my brother does not sick, he will come with us ____ of the good weather.
a. As – to
b. To – for
c. What – so
d. If – because
63. You are a nice dancer. My sister is a nice dancer _____.
a. Too
b. As
c. For
d. But
64. Nina goes to school by ___ a bicycle.
a. Ride
b. Riding
c. Rode
d. To ride

65. Staying at this hotel is quite expensive ___ the service is very good.
a. Besides
b. Yet
c. But
d. And
66. You will not go _____ she will not go _____.
a. For/too
b. So/either
c. And/so
d. Yet/as well
67. Mom, you will not be permitted to ____ the room because the show will be starting.
a. Enter
b. Entered
c. Entetring
d. Enters
68. He enjoys ____ football.
a. Play
b. Playing
c. Played
d. To play
69. You are nothing without ___.
a. His
b. Me
c. I
d. Hers
70. I has been ____ here for an hour.
a. Wait
b. Waiting
c. Waited
d. To wait
71. She is always against _____ .
a. Violating
b. Violent
c. Violate
d. Violence
72. I think she really ____ the show.
a. Enjoys
b. Enjoy
c. Enjoying
d. Enjoyed
73. ____ my bag please.
a. Taking
b. Takes
c. Take
d. Took
74. She looks ____ sure.
a. Does not
b. Perfect
c. Quite
d. Super
75. He need only a ___ minutes.
a. Some
b. Many
c. Much
d. Few
76. I stay in a hotel. It is ___ far.
a. Many
b. Very much
c. Pretty
d. Very many
77. She cannot _____ even for a word.
a. Hear
b. Ear
c. Listen
d. Here
78. She has been ____ since 3 PM.
a. Sleeping
b. Slept
c. Sleep
d. Sleeps
79. She has _____.
a. Write
b. Writes
c. Wrote
d. Written
80. My father has been sick since _____.
a. Yesterday
b. Tomorrow
c. Many days
d. Much days
81. Andre has finished _____.
a. Working
b. Worked
c. Work
d. works
82. I have a friend, his name is Danny. This house belongs to _____.
a. His
b. Him
c. He
d. Mine
83. My friend Atika lives in _____ house.
a. That
b. Those
c. Them
d. There
84. What about _____? Will he join us?
a. Her
b. You
c. Him
d. Them
85. I ______ fix this car tomorrow morning.
a. Wanna
b. Am gonna
c. Was gonna
d. Has to
86. You and I will get married and this house becomes _____.
a. Our
b. Us
c. Ours
d. We
87. My house is _____ than yours.
a. Clean
b. Cleanest
c. Cleaner
d. The cleaner
88. She is the _____.
a. Most diligent
b. Diligenest
c. More diligent
d. Absolutely diligent
89. I am ____ than him.
a. Tall
b. Taller
c. Taller than
d. Tallers
90. I think his life is _____ than ours.
More complexity
More complicated
Many complicated
91. I have a ring that becomes the _____ one here.
a. Expensive
b. More expensive
c. Most expensive
d. Expensive
Semoga soal bahasa Inggris yang ada di atas dapat membantu Anda. 🙂


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